The lymphatic drainage system is as important as the circulation system. This is the system tasked with removing toxins and other wastes that results from the body’s immune system fight against microorganisms and other types of invaders. When this system is not working optimally, lymph accumulates in the body leading to varying degrees of lymph edema. This can be due to an acquired or inborn disorder. If not managed in time, lymph edema can lead to health problems that include:



  • Increased risk of skin infections
  • Connective tissue infection
  • Lymphatic vessels inflammation or lymphangitis
  • Blood clots formation in the vessels (deep vein thrombosis or DVT)
  • Longstanding cases of lymph edema can lead to cancerous changes in the lymph vessels – lymphangiosarcoma.


Even in the absence of all these, the cosmetic changes that occur on the skin due to lymph edema is something to think about. Lymph drainage massage can help to keep this system running well and reduce the risk of such complications. It is particularly important for people at risk of developing lymphedema after certain surgical procedures.

What does lymph drainage massage achieve?

  1. Increased lymph drainage
  2. Improved toxic waste removal
  3. Enhanced production of disease fighting white blood cells
  4. Positive emotional balance due to relaxation associated with massage. Massage triggers increase in the level of dopamine (referred to as the ‘happy hormone). Another hormone with a calming effect is serotonin which is also increased by massage. Endorphins, the body’s natural analgesics increase therefore reducing severity of painful conditions. Finally, the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) go down.


Conditions that can benefit from lymph drainage massage

  • Tired leg disorder
  • Vein varicosities
  • Joint and soft tissue injuries or degenerative problems
  • Fatigue

In the absence of serious health conditions such as heart disease and already established lymphedema complications, lymph edema massage in the hands of a trained therapist is quite safe.

Our massage techniques may improve the quality of the lymphatic flow and may remap drainage pathways to bring you optimal health and overall wellbeing.

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