Massage relieves pain, anxiety, and depression. Many studies have also shown its effectiveness in lowering blood pressure, improving sleep quality, relaxing muscles, etc. However, these benefits may be affected by eating or drinking before a massage.ย 

The digestive system goes into action immediately once you eat. Blood is diverted from different organs to the gut and the massage will accelerate your blood circulation causing a delay in your digestion.

If you would like to drink or eat before going for a massage, the following tips will help you:

  • Avoid solid foods before massage Solid foods stay longer in the stomach causing a bloating feeling. Is better to take liquid diets as it will digest faster and will make you feel lighter.
  • Avoid eating 2hrs before a massage Even liquids will completely absorb in 75-120 minutes
  • Do not take alcohol and caffeine Although alcohol is a liquid, it overstimulates the body and will affect the benefits of massage. So, is better to avoid alcohol before and after your session. Herbal tea is better than coffee as caffeine can tense the muscles even if taken after the massage.

At Belfast Physio and Massage we make sure to perform a good massage but please eat and drink reasonably to prevent any form of discomfort during therapy.



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