Shari Chavez

Shari Chavez

Physiotherapist & Beauty therapist

(Graduated in Spain, 2008-2014)

"I treat my patients as a whole and not as an injury"

She loves educating her patients thanks to her physio’s in depth understanding of anatomy and Yoga.

Shari also teaches individual Yoga classes in order to improve their patient’s flexibility, strength, balance and mobility. Her Pregnancy Massage is truly therapeutic, not only soft massage, deeper "pain-free" techniques are included in order to reduce many stress symptoms common in pregnancy such as sciatica, headaches and back pains.


John Mcclean

Physical Educator & Sports Massage Therapist

(Certified in Belfast, 2016-2019)

"Sports massage is a great way to help you speed up the recovery process and get you feeling back to your best in no time"

He loves training in the gym and has a keen interest in Gaelic football. His educational background and experience as a Gaelic footballer have help him to understand the player’s frustration after suffering an injury. He develops the perfect massage technique “deep and nice at the same time”. He has the perfect technique to find every single muscle knot!

Another of John's passions is to share his knowledge of anatomy and exercise with his patients.

Kamil Bialon
Kamil Bialon
Sports Massage Therapist

(Certified in Poland, 2016-2018)

"A massage stroke without a clear intention can be an empty gesture"

Kamil is a very philosophical person, thanks to his continuous practice of meditation, he believes the true value in therapeutic is the knowledge to listen, understand and adapt the treatments to meet the specific needs of his patients.

He stands out for combining deep massage techniques with soft techniques in order to avoid excessive pain and provide relaxation during the session.

Kamil also educates his patients about their anatomy and teaches "Healthy Spine Classes" based on stretching and abdominals toning.

Laura Puica
Sports Massage Therapist

(Certified in Romania & Belfast, 2009-2013)

"I love the fact that I help with my hands and the satisfaction of relief and thanks received by my patients after their session

Laura is the typical therapist who never gets tired of learning and improving her massage techniques. Her +10 years of experience can tell her true passion for massage.

She holds a Level 4 training in Sports Massage supported by a host of other massage qualifications as foot reflexology, Aromatherapy, etc.

Laura enjoys helping not only her patients but also others who need her help, that is why she sponsor the Sparta Belfast football team.

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