What is deep tissue massage?

This is one of the many types of massages offered by trained therapists. The main difference with other types of massage is that here the aim is to reach the fibers of individual muscles deep down.  This is particularly important in parts of the body with big and thick muscles. A series of pressing and rubbing helps the muscles to achieve several things. These includes:

  • Release of accumulated muscle tension
  • Improves circulation
  • Enhances tissue oxygen uptake and utilization
  • Improves cell nutritional uptake and metabolism
  • Facilitates faster elimination of toxins from the body.

Conditions that can benefit from deep tissue massage

This therapy procedure is for both the well and unwell client. This means that it can be used as a preventive technique for various muscle and other health conditions and it can also be used to manage already existing problems.

Deep Tissue massage physio-massageathome

These includes:

  • Chronic pain areas
  • Chronic muscle tension
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck pain and stiffness

These problems are usually related to prolonged postural issues that occur due to occupation or other environmental issues. Physical disability can also be a source of posture related muscle problems. In all these deep tissue massage can help as the sole therapeutic measure or as part of other procedures used to rectify the primary problem.

Incorrect ergonomic postures

Deep tissue massage can also help in emotional related muscle tension. Chronic mental stress can lead to chronic pain and various joint mobilityproblems (psychosomatic disorders).

A good therapist employs just enough deep tissue massage pressure that gives the desired results. To some people, this may feel hurting but pain, although it may be experienced, is not a must for good results to be achieved.

We use skilled techniques to massage the entire body, bringing relief from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. You’ll leave feeling like you’re walking on air, your body open, relaxed and renewed.

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