Diabetes is a disease that affects glucose metabolism in the body. In this condition, sugar in the blood is not well regulated which usually lead to very high levels. This can happen because either there is no insulin produced in the pancreas; or the amount produced is inadequate or maybe the insulin produced is not effective (insulin resistance). Persistent high blood sugar leads to many complications that include impaired circulation to various parts of the body and neurological problems. Circulation and nerves problems are mostly noted in the limbs where they can lead to neuropathies and even gangrenes.


How massage therapy can help in diabetes

  1. Improved insulin sensitivity. A study found that patients who massaged their insulin injection site prior to injecting had higher insulin levels post-injection and better blood sugar control later.
  2. Massage helps to reduce blood sugar. Another study found that a nightly full body massage by parents helped their children’s blood sugar to drop from an average of 158mg/dl to a low of 118mg/dl.
  3. The study in 2. Above also found that both parent and child felt less anxious and stressed after the massage session
  4. Massage helps to reduce symptoms of diabetes neuropathy
  5. With improved circulation other symptoms such as pain are reduced.



People with diabetes should consider massage therapy. They should however, engage the services of a skilled therapist who will design the best and individualized massage techniques and schedule for the patient.  BOOK NOW



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