A diagnosis of cancer is a frightening revelation to the patient, their family and friends. Cancer is a collective term for many conditions that present with malignant changes in certain body cells. Naturally cells are biologically programmed to die after a given period of time. With cancer this normal cell death (apoptosis) doesn’t happen. Cells undergo changes that make them replicate other abnormal cells. This can affect any part of the body including blood cells. As the condition progresses it affects the anatomical and physiological functions of the affected part and gradually overall health.

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Most of the treatments used to treat cancer such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other medications used to treat comorbidities have their share of debilitating side effects. Massage therapy is a safe part of palliative management of cancer that is not known to many patients and even some medical practitioners.

How can it help and are there contra-indications for it in some patients?

The role of massage in cancer

Regardless of the type of cancer the patient has, massage therapy will help them achieve three broad objectives.

  1. Improve symptoms
  2. Help them to cope with the situation
  3. Improve their quality of life

Many studies have been carried out to find out the effects of massage therapy on cancer patients. While the results and techniques used defer, the overall outcome confirms that massage has an important role in helping cancer patients cope with the disease and its treatment consequences.  There are many massage therapy techniques and the choice to use is determined by the therapist according to the type of cancer the patient has and his general clinical status.

Safety of massage therapy in cancer patient

In the hands of a skilled trained and licensed therapist, massage therapy is very safe. Such a therapist will be able to note any risk factors and also know where to avoid in relation to the cancer.  As an adjunct to other treatments, massage therapy will help a cancer patient achieve better circulation, better lymph drainage, reduced pain and improved joint mobility. Above all there is mind and body harmony that no other form of treatment can achieve.

Massage therapy is something every cancer patient should consider. BOOK NOW



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