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Why Choose Belfast Physio & Massage?

Belfast Physio and Massage is a Therapeutic Massage and Yoga company founded by Shari in 2016 in London as Physio & Massage at home, after moving to Belfast in 2017, she started operating her company under the name Belfast Physio and Massage.

Shari developed a great passion for massage during her first two years of study in Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy, her desire to prevent injuries through massage made her decide to study a Physiotherapy bachelor’s degree in Spain. From the beginning of her studies, she knew that experience is important, and that’s why she started treating patients while studying at the University.

After graduating as a Physiotherapist, she moved to London, looking for opportunities, and started working for massage companies while learning English. A year and a half later, she decided to work on her own and started treating patients from different parts of the world, where one of her patients introduced Catie Forougi, one of the best Yoga teachers, who taught her and conveyed her passion for Yoga, giving her the key to long-term health benefits.

Shari began performing her individual Massage Techniques and Yoga classes in her first 14-year-old patient:

“Tim,” who had a misdiagnosed congenital dysplasia that led to a total hip replacement. It was one of the most difficult cases to treat, despite having two of the most important Orthopaedic Surgeons in London, Tim carried crutches for three years and stopped using them months after his surgery.

Tim had an anti-ergonomic position because his greater trochanter had moved down 20mm and all the muscles attached to had been shortened. Shari’s treatment focused on treating Tim “as a whole” and “not as a specific injury.” Because Tim’s body had adapted to his injury, it affected not only his leg, but his global posture (from head to toe).

“Just imagine you have one leg shorter than the other, your walk wouldn’t be the same, it’s like waiting for a three-legged horse to walk well as it did with with four legs Any postural modification results in body re-adaptation leading to overuse of certain muscles and joints, causing potential injuries in the future.”

Shari’s treatment focused on massaging the shortened and thus contracted muscles, returning the flexibility, mobility, and toning of Tim’s entire body. The posture correction was a long slow process and took all of 2017, but it was worth it because the results achieved were incredible as can be seen in the following video.


After Tim’s successful evolution, Shari gained a deeper understanding of the human body and began treating her patients, as she did with Tim, “as a whole” and “not as an injury”, that’s where she understood that no matter how old you are, whether you are on crutches, whether you are on medications or if you have lost hopes of improving your health… it is never too late to learn about our body, to improve our flexibility, mobility and strength through Yoga and Therapeutic Massage.

Shari also realized that many Physiotherapy Clinics focus on “treating injuries, but don’t place much emphasis on their prevention,” that’s why as a health professional, she felt that it would be more rewarding for her to “prevent injuries rather than treat it.”

Shari knew that her success came from the combination of these two techniques and was finally ready to open her Clinic in Belfast. Since then she healed and improved mobility to hundreds of patients.

Today, Shari’s goal is to become the best Therapeutic Massage and Flexibility Clinic in Belfast, which is why she has a team of Massage Experts and Qualified Professionals such as Physiotherapists, Physical Educators and Fitness Instructors passionate about “massage”, reinforcing the knowledge of traditional masseuses.

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