It’s responsible for extending the foot (lift the tip) and supine it (lift the inner edge), therefore it will be an important “anti-pronator”.

It is a muscle that activates more than normal by climbing slopes so that we don’t hit the toes against the ground (concentric contraction), and it is activated even more by going down slopes (eccentric contraction).

It occurs mainly in runners.

  1. Excessive use of tibialis anterior can produce muscular contractures that cause more muscular tension.
  2. That excessive tension will pull the muscle insertions producing an inflammation of the tendons.
  3. If TENDINITIS persists a SHIN SPLINTS will occur and worse if we continue to run a STRESS FRACTURE may be produced.


Pain or burning in the area of the tibia (50% of cases occur in both legs).
  • The best way to align muscle fibres and thereby eliminate contractures is MASSAGE.
  • Remember that a contracted muscle is a weak muscle and if contraction is ineffective it is more prone to injury.
  • Once your muscle is free of knots, stretching is very important to prevent future injuries and also to avoid shortening of this muscle.