Physio-Style Massage

Digital composite of Highlighted bones of man at physiotherapy

Physio Style massage is one of the most effective ways to prevent and treat muscle injuries, pain and soreness. With an in-depth understanding of anatomy and physiology, I am able to carry out a comprehensive assessment and provide appropriate treatment for a wide variety of conditions. Treatment employs massage and skilled manipulation techniques designed to treat both deep and superficial tissues to bring about pain relief by correcting and normalising the body’s muscles and soft tissues.
Muscles not only move our joints, they stabilise them, and they provide armour for the internal organs and even minor problems with these functions cause more pain than most people realise, including:

1) Headaches which can originate in the muscles of the neck and head.

2) Most abdominal and pelvic pain is often caused by trigger points in the abdominal and pelvic muscles.

3) Lower back pain and sciatic pain are far more likely to originate in muscles than in vertebral disc problems.

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