1) “Cockfight” game 

It is a game aimed at children 8 years or older. Students here should be placed in pairs, squatting and facing each other. As soon as the physio gives the signal, the children should start to dump and, at the same time, push with their hands trying to knock each other down. You can only use your hands to pull yourself down. This game is aimed at improving coordination and strength. ¨A funny way to do this is to tie balloons on each child’s feet and try to pop the opponent’s balloons.¨


2) “Wheelbarrow race” games 

This game is one of the most popular and fun to do in physical education classes. The children here are placed in pairs, to be able to be the two of the same height and the same weight more or less. In this way, they should try to make a concrete walk in the position of one of them standing by catching the legs of the other by the ankles, and the other supported on the floor with the hands. Then they must exchange the position. It is a game aimed at children over 8 years, which is aimed at improving strength and coordination.


3) “Who Falls on Water!” game

In this fun game aimed at children over 10 years old, students should be placed in pairs. In this way, when the physio makes a  signal, they should sit up and try to move the other off the rope. Then do several repetitions.

4) “Tug of war” game

This is a game also very popular in physical education classes. It is necessary to form two groups of the children, each standing along a rope and facing each other. A handkerchief will be placed in the middle of the rope, which will serve to see who wins. In this way, two parallel lines are made on the ground, so that the handkerchief lies between them. At the teacher’s signal, everyone starts to pull the rope, and the team that manages to get the handkerchief to their line wins. It is a game aimed at children over 10 years. One of the most fun physical education games.


5) “Dodgeball” game – Peruvian style

Form a group of 7 to 11 people, two of them should be placed at each end and have to throw the ball to the participants in the middle, the last person to dodge all the balls will be the winner.


6) Ball Passes in Couple
On the track and placed in pairs, lead a ball and try to pass the partner / knocking it with the foot. (The ball will always roll).