I ran across the documentary Fed Up today. It is a film that investigates the food industry’s influence on U.S. dietary guidelines and the resulting impact on the health of Americans.

According to the documentary, many diseases can be attributed to the amount of SUGAR we consume on a daily basis. The amount has increased dramatically in less than 40 years and so have heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Sugar is added to everything – ketchup, pasta sauce, salad dressing, breakfast cereals, juice and energy drinks, baked goods, yogurt, and even baby formula,etc. 

Practically a baby can become addicted to sugar since he is borneverything is very well thought out, because they will be good consumers in the future. Have you noticed that candy wrappers, cookies, juices, etc. carry kids favorite characters?. The happy meal box,  play spaces of Mac Donald and Burger King, are a good way to engage your children, even the meals at the schools in U.S. aren’t healthy. These companies know how to capture our attention and needs, even in adults (products with good price, great tasting, low calorie BUT FULL OF SUGAR) And what about skeptics? Scientific articles are subsidized by this companies so health personnel can write lovely articles to promote their products, if a doctor ensures that Coca-Cola is not as bad as we think, we feel more relieved, very funny but true ……

So don’t be fooled by fancy names. Molasses, sucrose, fructose, glucose, anhydrous dextrose, malt syrup and honey ARE ALL SUGAR.

I wonder what the solution is on the part of the government? More exercise and less eating? I’m inclined to BAN or CONTROL MORE OF THIS TYPE OF PRODUCTS, not only reducing calories, DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE ONLY reducing calories if the amount of sugar IS STILL THE SAME, THE EXCESS OF SUGAR is converted to fats therefore we have almost the same problem.


This documentary was produced by Stephanie Soechtig and TV journalist Katie Couric. I hope this documentary influences your life and that of your family.