EATING BEFORE MASSAGE: When and What to Eat?

Massage is a form of therapy that has been found to be beneficial. It relives pain, anxiety, and depression. Many studies have also demonstrated its effect in lowering blood pressure, improving sleep quality, relaxing muscles among other numerous benefits. However, these benefits may not be achieved if massage is not done under appropriate conditions.

Experts in the field of massage often discourage eating and drinking before massage. These were said to be associated with poor patient relaxation and comfort during therapy thus, affecting the effectiveness of the massage therapy.
The digestive system goes into action immediately you eat. Blood is diverted from other important organs in the body to the gut. In a similar manner, massage tends to draw blood from other organs of the body including the gut to the area being massaged. This will delay digestion and leads to feeling of discomfort.

Nevertheless, if you desire to drink or eat before going for massage, the following tips will ensure that you remain in the best condition to receive a massage.

• Avoid solid foods before massage
Solid foods stay longer in the stomach and make you fill uncomfortable during the procedure. You may also experience bloating (gaseous distention of your tummy) which furthers worsens the discomfort. You should therefore take only liquid diet when going for massage as it will digest faster and makes you feel lighter.

• Avoid all forms of eating 2 hours before massage even when you are to take a liquid diet, it should be done at least 2 hours before massage. This is because liquids stay in the stomach for an average of 2 hours.

• Do not take alcohol and caffeine
Although alcohol is a liquid, it stimulates virtually every parts of the body and will be counterproductive to the relaxation effects of the massage. Thus, it is advisable to avoid alcohol before your massage session and also after the massage. An herbal tea that is free of caffeine is preferable and better than coffee before massage. Caffeine is a stimulant and can tense the muscles even if taken after the massage. It is therefore best avoided.

Massage is a highly effective relaxation therapy with numerous health benefiths. Your therapist’s aim is to ensure that you derive the maximum benefit. You should therefore, eat and drink reasonably to prevent any form of discomfort during therapy.

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