The intrusion can be experienced both by patients and physiotherapists, here I leave an experience that I had more than one week ago
Receptionist: Hello, can I help you?
I: I need a massage but performed by a physio, I’m physiotherapist as well.
Receptionist: Yes, don’t worry he is a physiotherapist, do you want to come on Tuesday at 12:00 am?
Me: Great, thank you!.
Massage day
So-called Physiotherapist: Hello, so before to start the massage I’ll put an electrode under your belly because I work with high-frequency currents and it gives very good results in the contractures muscle.
Me: Ok, let’s try! =)
After 30 mins…
Me: so, What university do you studied?
So-called physical therapist: Well, I did a 6-month course and some alternative therapies
Me: EH? ( I said in my mind poor boy, he is friendly, but I gonna come anymore, they deceived me)
Receptionist : Thank you for your visit, the cost of the treatment is 35 euros per 45 minutes massage. GOSH! even more than physiotherapists )
Thank you for the video to the professional College of physiotherapists of Castilla y León- Spain


CONSTRUCTOR RASCACIELOS from YRG Comunicación on Vimeo.