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Belfast Physio and Massage is a Therapeutic Massage&Yoga company founded by Shari in 2016 as Physio&Massage at home in London and started trading in Belfast in 2018.

Shari falls in love with massage during her 2 years Beauty Therapy course as she wanted to prevent injuries she decided to study a Physiotherapy bachelor’s degree in Spain.

From the beginning of her journey, she knew experience is important, that is why she started getting patients from her early studies until she finished her University studies.

She moved to London and worked for Massage Companies while she was learning English. After a year and a half, she decided to work by herself and treated people from all around the world. While she was in London she met one of the best Yoga Couch Teacher Catie Forougi, who gives her the key for the long term health benefits.


Shari started performing her Massage techniques and 1:1 Yoga class in her first 14 years old patient:

“Tim” who had a total hip replacement. It was an extremely difficult case, one of the most difficult dealt with by two of the County’s leading Orthopaedic Surgeons. Tim was on two crutches for two months following the surgery and had effectively been on crutches for three years when rehabilitation commenced.

As can be seen from the attached photograph he was stuck in a very contorted position because his greater trochanter had been moved down 20mm all the muscles attached to were now too short and wasted.

The treatment Shari provided was focused on getting Tim’s leg back into a normal position. It was a long slow process and took all of 2017 to correct his posture as you can see in the following video.

Having a successful evolution after Tim’s therapy, Shari had a deeper understanding of the body as a “whole” she knew that does not matter how old you are or if you are in scratches or taking many pills to avoid the symptoms… is never too late to learn about your body by improving your flexibility, mobility and strength through Yoga and therapeutic massage.

Shari knew that her success came from her own Yoga practice and massage techniques at this point she was ready to rent a place but due to different circumstances she moved to Belfast and started from scratch. Since then she healed and gave mobility to hundreds of patients.

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